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Products - Customize Software Products

AlpsRealty - An ERP Software Solutions for Developers.
AlpsRealty a product of ALPS Softech Solution Pvt. LTd. that provides a complete Real Estate ERP solution for real estate developers. The real estate ERP software minimizes the complexity which often arises while organizing your client details. The AlpsRealty Real Estate Developer Software from ALPS Softech manages your project details in a very effective way such as creation of a new projects, towers, bungalow, flats, parking units with luxurious facilities and features. AlpsRealty ERP provides the realtime data management facility between different departments like Marketing, Sales, Operation, Inventory, Finance, etc. Customer Management module of this software is a CRM solution to manage the complete details related to a customer such as booking details, payment schedules, demand and reminder letter, greetings, transfer and cancellations, etc. This software also provides the feature to manage the broker and employee leads and commission separately.

SmartMLM a product of ALPS Softech Solution Pvt. LTd. provides a complete ERP solution of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) companies. In MLM by referring any one or by direct selling the product a member/distributor can generate the incentive. Way of the commission or incentive distribution is called Compensation Plan or Business Plan for a MLM company. The company was founded in 1999 making SmartMLM one of the earliest software as a service company that offered a web-based MLM ERP solution. Since, last 12years SmartMLM is a pioneer product of the MLM industry providing the solution of Direct Sales Marketing /Network Marketing / MLM Companies in India and worldwide for almost all type of incentive models in market and also few of them which were invented by our team. Our R&D team is always working for invention of new MLM incentive distribution models.

SmartCRM a product of our company (ALPS Softech Solution Pvt. LTd.) It is also one of the largest Cloud CRM providers, offering easy to use CRM systems to small and medium sized companies. It aims to provide everything a business needs to manage their marketing, sales and customer support processes. The generally accepted purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to enable organizations to better manage their customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with those customers.
In today's competitive business environment, a successful CRM strategy cannot be implemented by only installing and integrating a software package designed to support CRM processes. A holistic approach to CRM is vital for an effective and efficient CRM policy. This approach includes training of employees, a modification of business processes based on customers' needs and an adoption of relevant IT-systems (including soft- and maybe hardware) and/or usage of IT-Services that enable the organization or company to follow its CRM strategy. CRM-Services can even replace the acquisition of additional hardware or CRM software-licences.
The term CRM is used to describe either the software or the whole business strategy (or lack of one) oriented on customer needs. The second one is the description which is correct. The main misconception of CRM is that it is only software, instead of whole business strategy. We are providing CRM Software support to various Industries in Delhi and all aver India.

SEO / SMO - Your website - a powerful Marketing tool.
Does your website gives any business through the Internet? If your website is not advertised on the net, how can anyone come to your website? The global market is searching for your services and products. You can waive your services by promoting your website.
SEO is a process by which internal and external aspects of a web site are adjusted to gain high search engine returns on keyword and key phrase searches. Search returns are sometimes referred to as organic or natural. The majority of web traffic is driven by the major commercial search engines: Google attracts approximately 60% of worldwide searches at 37 billion, with Yahoo (8.5 billion) and Microsoft (2.2 billion). A number of country-specific search engine companies have also become prominent in their own territories; for example Baidu in China, Bing, yahoo in India, Yandex in Russia etc.

Smart ELM (Easy Loan Manager)
Smart ELM (Easy Loan Manager) makes it easy to track thousands of owner-financed loans. Easy Loan Manager (ELM) is loan-tracking software created expressly for not-for-profit community lenders. We know how important it is to focus your energies on your borrowers, so we designed ELM to simplify the business side of your client relationships. ELM makes it easy to manage your loan accounts, communicate with your clients, and report to your funders. Easy Loan Manager is powerful, flexible, and easy to use. The core system covers all the essentials, and add-on modules are available for specialized needs.

Alps EMMS (Easy Material Manager System)
AlpsEMMS - Easy Materials Management System (EMMS) - a real-time fleet-wide inventory and consumables management system available both at an individual shipboard level and at a cruise line’s headquarters, across a fleet of vessels, enabling complete and constant central control of all consumables.
Easy Materials Management System, provides minute-by-minute tracking of sales and stocks and offers significant opportunities to raise procurement efficiency. Purchasing staff and their managers ashore now have complete and constant information through Easy Materials Management software.
EMMS features include:
Real-time inventory tracking across warehouses The Article Manager is the system by which every item in warehouse is identified, coded and described in terms of weight, number, cost price and sales price. It is easy to set up, multi-lingual, multi-currency and convertible into all relevant units. Codes are assigned by a user or by the system itself.
Material management is a scientific technique, concerned with Planning, Organizing &Control of flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination. Material management is an important management tool which will be very useful in getting the right quality & right quantity of supplies at right time, having good inventory control & adopting sound methods of condemnation & disposal will improve the efficiency of the organization & also make the working atmosphere healthy any type of organization, whether it is Private, Government,Small organization, Big organization and Household.
Even a common man must know the basics of material management so that he can get the best of the available resources and make it a habit to adopt the principles of material management in all our daily activities

SmartSMM (Service Maintenance Management)
SmartSMM (Service Maintenance Management), is a web-based maintenance management solution, uses the most advanced technology available. SmartSMM will improve your organization's asset utilization, enhance asset reliability and availability, reduce maintenance costs, extend the useful life of your assets, and increase the return on investment for all of your maintenance-worthy items, with our asset and facility management software.
Powered by ALPS, SmartSMM Systems advanced maintenance management software, ALPS Softech has more than 12 years of experience behind the development web-based solution. SmartSMM will provide your organization with all the features and functionality necessary to track, manage, and maintain your valuable assets and facilities. Utilizing a web browser you will have the ability to access your Maintenance Management data from any location at any time. SmartSMM as a maintenance partner is a quality maintenance management solution designed with smaller organizations in mind. This intuitive and easy-to-use product includes on-demand web training that provides step-by-step instructions on how to effectively utilize this customizable product. This economical solution enables smaller maintenance organizations to become more operationally effective and efficient.

SmartFINS is a portfolio management software allowing investors and traders to track their portfolio performance online, view historical performance, capital gains tax reports and keep records of dividends and cash movement.

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