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The SmartFINS, Micro Finance Software offered by ALPS Softech Solution Pvt. Ltd.(, one of the most popular and experienced Credit Co-operative Society Software companies in India with an experience in building different kind of software and websites. It can be called as a Mini Banking Software. It is effective in the recurring deposit (RD) and fixed deposit (FD) and loan management with efficient and accurate commission calculation for agents. SmartFINS is one of the quality products of ALPS SOFTECH provide you an immense numbers of facilities in Micro Finance industry. It can make the process of agreement, registration, maturity calculation and calculation of the commission with efficiency & reliability. With the help of this software you can keep an eye on various aspects of your Company and can make the most accurate supervision and calculation of them. IT is proven software with many installations worldwide. SmartFINS is also compatible to different kinds of marketing plans carrying distinct amounts. Obviously, the rates of interest also vary from one plan to another. This unique product SmartFINS of ALPS SOFTECH will precisely help you in each and every step.

Its a configurable package which has interface for configuring the system parameters (scheme mapping, Deposit scheme, commission value configurations etc.) which ensures that no programming changes are required as the business rules at your organization changes. It has exhaustive reporting system having many reports and statements generated from MICROFINS software.

SmartFINS a complete micro finance automation solution for:

  • Co-operative Credit Society
  • Micro Credit
  • Primary Agricultural Credit Society
  • NBFC Solution
  • Micro Finance Institution
  • Employee Credit Co-op Society
  • Housing Co-op Society


1. Scheme Management
  • FD, RD, DD,MIP, BOND Creation
  • Normal ROI, Special ROI Provision
  • Penalty Provision
  • RD- multiple compounding facility (Like Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)
  • Credit business Provision (Mostly Used in Agent Promotion)
  • Minimum amount condition.
  • Loan against Deposits.
  • Scheme Wise Prematurity management
  • Scheme Wise Irregular management.

2. Member (Regular/Normal) Management
  • Members Registration
  • Members Edit Registration
  • Members Report
  • Members Photo, Signature Upload
  • Member Complete Summary Report
  • Data Entry Member
  • Approve Data Entry
  • Approve Guest

3. Agent Management
  • Agent Registration
  • Edit Agent Registration
  • Agent Report
  • Agent List By Post
  • Agent Downline
  • Agent Upline
  • Commission Information scheme wise
  • Member to agent Creation
  • Agent Promotion History
  • Agent Promotion Date wise
  • Shift Agent Leg
  • Agent Promotion (Manual, Auto)
  • Update Designation
  • Direct Policy
  • Direct Installment
  • Down Line Policy
  • Down line Installment
  • Deleted Policy Record

4. Transactions
  • Fixed Deposit
  • New RD Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Bond Policy
  • Daily Policy
  • Approve Policy
  • Installment Receipt
  • Approve Installment Receipt
  • Spot Commission
  • Pre Maturity Management
  • IR-Regularity Management

5. Payments
  • Policy Maturity Payment
  • Agent Commission Payout (Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)
  • Issue Cheque (In case to Cheque Payout)
  • Paid Payment report
  • Agent Wise Commission
  • Month Wise Commission
  • MIP Policy Payment(Cash,Cheque,Transfer to Saving A/c)
  • Paid MIP Payment Report

6. List
  • Scheme List (Show all Scheme List)
  • FD Policy List
  • RD Policy List
  • MIP Policy List

7. Reports
  • Due RD Installment Report
  • RD Installment Report
  • Daily Collection Report
  • Receipt Information
  • User Tracking Report
  • Journal Report
  • Day Book
  • Audit Report
  • Guest Member Report

8. Print
  • Policy Certificate Print
  • Cash Receipt Print
  • Passbook Print Setup
  • Passbook Reprint Setup
  • Statement Print

9. SMS
  • Id Wise SMS
  • Down line Wise SMS
  • Registration SMS
  • Scheme wise SMS
  • City /State wise SMS
  • Non pan card holder SMS
  • Non bank detail holders SMS
  • Birthday SMS
  • Group Master
  • Add new Contact
  • Loan Wise SMS
  • Other SMS

10. User Manager
  • Branch Master (N Numbers of Branch Creation Facility)
  • Fetch password
  • State City Master
  • Region Master
  • User Connectivity
  • Designation Master
  • Designation Role

11. Saving Account Management
  • Saving Account Master
  • Saving Account New Account
  • Saving Account Report
  • Transaction Saving Account
  • Cheque Management
  • Balance Information
  • Saving Account Statement
  • Account Statement

12. Loan
  • Loan Master
  • New Loan
  • Approve Loan
  • Loan Installment
  • Loan Closing
  • Loan List
  • Due Loan Installment
  • Loan Repayment
  • Loan Issue Cheque
  • Loan Penalty Report

13. Payroll
  • Position Master
  • Employee Master
  • Salary Making
  • Advance Management
  • Manual Increment
  • Salary Report
  • Increment Report
  • Due Promotion Report
  • Advance Payment Report

14. Share Management
  • Share Master
  • Share Report
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